What we do


The Closed Doors Silent Stories project

In partnership with Civil Rights Defenders and the Centre for Human Rights and Democracy in Ethiopia, we documented stories of persons in locked institutions. These locked institutions included Prisons, mental health facilities and Juvenile detention centers. We particularly covered stories of minorities, including women and persons with disabilities. These stories helped uncover challenges and opportunities of human rights, education and reporting in the region. 


Blogger’s Forums

We hold a number of blogger’s forums to discuss story telling towards fostering positive responses from government of Uganda and state agencies on delivery service and transparency and accountability issue raised by citizens’ groups. Issues that emerged from the field are Strengthening awareness for TB and Cancer issues, Ending child trafficking, Clean water access, Child labour, Gender dynamics of access to information, Gender justice vs. culture, Gender equity and patriarchy, Utilisation of public funds and Cyber laws. 


Womxn Content creators Forums

In collaboration with Lakwena and Hub for her, supported by OSIEA, we gather womxn content creators; bloggers, photographers, ardent twitter users, facebookers, podcasters, architects, we discuss means of accomplishing revolutionary work that we set out to do and how to together lessen the challenges that we encounter as feminist content creators. 


Civic Engagements

We use data to foster civic engagements. We use infographics to dissect the cost of corruption in Uganda. We analyse data from the auditor general’s report and creatively come up with creative visualisation of the data. 

We are writers, campaigners and  communications strategists with over 10 years of experience.


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