Kweeta is dedicated to working with partners to offer platforms and solutions that enhance women’s voices online and through offline media spaces. We also focus on enhancing  understanding of women’s representation in the media and its role in overcoming existing hurdles for women. We offer media training for women, training for journalists on coverage of  women’s rights and create to platforms to improve women misrepresentation as well as media monitoring.

The media landscape in Uganda remains largely dominated by traditional channels including television, newspaper and radio which reaches the most urban and rural Ugandans. In the last five years however, the use of social media has risen with more Ugandans using these platforms to express themselves and hold debates that would not have otherwise happened on traditional mass media.

Media plays a crucial role in shaping  opinion, shining a spotlight on specific and promoting  social change. While current media actors strive to portray women positively, as politically, economically and socially involved,a gap remains in the way women are covered nationally and regionally. Women’s rights  are often reported as the concern of women’s groups and not a national issue affecting all members of  society. Coverage of subjects such as gender-based violence including domestic and sexual violence leaves a lot to be desired. Sexism also often goes unchallenged on traditional media channels and online.

Media spaces that feature women’s voices frequently perpetuate existing stereotypes and gender inequality in newsrooms is reflected in the content produced.There is a small number of women in management positions in newsrooms, hosting talk shows or serving as sources .

Consequently, women have embraced new media such as blogs, facebook groups and web-based forums to express themselves and tell their stories. Nevertheless women’s online engagement is still lower than their male counterparts. Women’s participation in online media is also hampered by increasing instances of online harassment and violence against women is increasing in Uganda and the regional with many young women being victims of revenge pornography.